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Le Comptoir du Relais – Paris

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Over the course of a 4 day trip to Paris, we ate at this fantastic bistro 3 times. Each visit, I had to have this remarkably simple Goose Foie Gras on Toast with Fleur de Sel. To this day I still think about it. The key to this dish is the generous slabs of goose liver, which has more depth in flavour than that of duck. And look at the yellow bits at the edge- that’s pure solid goose fat, people! Not for the faint of heart, but super tasty and definitely indulgent. To me, this is a prime example why you can have it all with French food, but know that you won’t over do it.  If you really take the time to savour each bite and all its textures, you can easily share this dish and still feel fulfilled.  Warm crunchy toast topped with giant slices of buttery foie- a flaky sprinkle of fleur de sel counters all that richness.  And two lightly dressed wedges of crispy lettuce add a bright tanginess that is so refreshing.


Takashi – NYC

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Truly one of the most exciting dishes I’ve ever experienced. At Takashi in New York’s West Village, you will find their famous Niku Uni. Are you ready for this? Ocean fresh lobes of velvety sea urchin over slices of raw fatty chuck flap, all nestled over a bright citrusy shiso leaf and crunchy, nutty nori. Salty, creamy, crispy and fresh all in one happy mouthful.

Sushi Azabu – NYC

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Simple indulgence from the omakase menu. Chilled shrimp with wasabi cream. Quiveringly fresh, salty sea urchin. Buttery sweet scallop. For true lovers of real, unadulterated sushi and sashimi, this tiny hideaway beneath the Greenwich Grill is a quiet refuge from those crazy oversauced maki rolls passing as Japanese food these days.

Bo Innovation – Hong Kong

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Over the top decadence. One plump fried oyster nestled on a dollop of smooth bottarga cream. Under a mountain of beluga caviar and a pretty dash of gold. The first crisp bite gave way to an unctuous creamy warmth, followed by bright salty bursts of caviar. I could have savoured this dish all night…

Vi Vetha Bistro – Toronto

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A seriously satisfying plate of sweet and savoury: fluffy wild blueberry pancakes, thick Challah French toast with juicy caramelized peaches, soft creamy poached eggs, crisp bacon and sausages…a perfect way to start your Sunday. For $10, you can’t beat this deal! Delish.